Smed Engineering

Why choose us?

Today, many companies are struggling due to a lack of engineering capacity. We have taken it upon ourselves to become a reliable supplier of such services to our customers.

Rather than hire extra employees, you can simply outsource to make use of our engineering services whenever you need them. Could your design department use some help with clarifying drawings for production when you are faced with a heavy workload? Would you like to combine design and manufacturing abroad, or maybe just design? The choice is yours!

Our designers have worked on many different projects within various industries, including the shipbuilding industry. The bulk of our work entails modeling, doing the calculation and creating manufacturing drawings, as well as reworking old drawings and making adjustments, where necessary. Our design department can also provide support as you develop new products.
Engineering analysis serves as an integral part of many projects, as well as a separate service. Through careful analysis of designs, it is possible to optimize the geometry, weight, structure, function, thermal efficiency, vibration and safety of your final product. With our staff of professional engineers and an impressive range of tools at our disposal, we can optimize your product and ensure its safety.
The Smed Engineering Department creates virtual prototypes which help customers explore many design alternatives before the actual physical prototype and finished product are produced. With the use of advanced software, Smed engineers are able to reduce the occurrence of defects.