Smed Engineering

Production and project management

Costs in the Balkans are 3-5 times lower than in Scandinavia. This gives companies that want to combine production at home and abroad an advantage when competing for projects.

Our goal is to make our customers competitive.
As our client, you will have access to our producers and will be kept informed of all costs. Once we have signed the contract, we will be with you throughout the entire process.
Transparency and professionalism are paramount. You have a choice of either buying directly from producers or having us work on your behalf, overseeing the project from start to finish.
Our team of highly educated and well-experienced engineers performs product evaluation, conduct negotiation, as well as oversee quality control. Beside this, we offer you services of transportation and logistics.

Equipment and production capacities​

There are many benefits to becoming a Smed partner. We have access to the equipment that will help us meet your needs.

Assisting companies in finding their own producers

For customers who prefer to maintain direct contact with manufacturers, we can help you find the best partners for your project and carry out test production.

Calculations and offers

We work closely with our producers on calculating project costs before a final offer is made. This ensures that our customers receive the most accurate information. We can also, upon request, compare such calculations with your target costs. We strive to meet your needs in every way!

Project monitoring and quality assurance

Smed staff are responsible for ensuring quality. Project leaders will make sure that the finished products are exactly as you have specified.