About us

Smed Engineering AS

is a successor of AS Langland & Schei, which has a tradition of more than 100 years within the industry, and has full ownership of Smed Engineering d.o.o. (BiH).

The company provides engineering services and supplies manufactured steel and metal products which are transported from the Balkans to Scandinavia. Smed also offers consulting services for other companies wishing to establish themselves in the Balkans, as well as design services and manufacturing for heavy industries, including the oil industry

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Per Johan Moen Aas

Chairman of the Board
Smed Engineering As

Per Kristian Aasen

CEO/Managing Director
Smed Engineering As

Armana Pezo

Regional Director
Smed Engineering BH d.o.o.
Bosnia and Herzegovina armana@smedeng.no

Muamer Hrvat

Head of Design Dept.
Smed Engineering BH d.o.o.
Bosnia and Herzegovina